Early intervention greatly improves a child's chances of overcoming communication challenges.

The first several years of life are an exciting and sometimes anxious time for parents. It’s thrilling to watch your child grow and develop. But things don’t always go smoothly. What happens when your child begins to stutter? Is not speaking when other kids their age are? Has trouble speaking clearly or saying certain sounds?

We can help.

We know children are their parents’ pride and joy; we want to help them communicate effectively just like you do. That’s why our work with preschoolers is parent-centered. We don’t just treat the child—we work closely with the parents as well. We believe in empowering parents by enabling them to be active participants in the therapy process. By listening to your concerns and understanding your family’s unique dynamics, we can help you develop the skills and confidence to support your child in becoming a happy, successful communicator.

For parents of preschoolers who stutter: Our clinicians are trained in the Lidcombe Program, a well-supported treatment that is considered by many to be best practice for this age group. We also counsel families on how to respond to and communicate with their preschooler who stutters; we provide guidance, tips, and feedback on how to make minor changes in order to create a supportive home environment that promotes fluent, smooth speech.