Training & Consulting

It's quite common for SLPs to feel uncomfortable and incompetent when working with persons who stutter. This is often due to lack of clinical experience and preparation during their graduate school and externship training. Dr. Ryan Pollard is dedicated to and passionate about addressing this issue. He has practiced in the schools, trained and taught graduate students at the City University of New York and University of Colorado, worked with kids who stutter at the Camp Shout Out summer program, and conducted intensive clinics at the American Institute for Stuttering in Manhattan. He has a range of clinical and personal experiences from which to draw when educating professionals about stuttering. Dr. Pollard believes that all clinicians have it within them to become competent, confident stuttering therapists.

Training workshops and in-services can be tailored to varying lengths, group sizes, and audience needs. They include usable handouts with helpful web links, hands-on activities and group discussions, videos of evidence-based therapy in action, and time for questions. Although special emphasis is placed on helping school-based clinicians work more effectively with children who stutter, the principles and practical skills covered can be adapted for professionals in any setting, Please contact Dr. Pollard if you are interested in scheduling a training.